Green Electric Vehicles Without The Hassles associated with ownership

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We are greening the earth with



We are greening the earth with



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Today's commuters and businesses want easy access to low cost, eco-friendly transport.

MUTE delivers it in the form of a "no strings attached" international subscription.

In busy, congested cities across the world, MUTE provides a low cost, no ownership alternative for urban transport.

All-electric bikes available on short or long term subscription plan that allows consumers and business owners to make environmentally smart choices.

Created by a team of experienced transport, technology and financial experts, MUTE is global and expanding rapidly.

MUTE is THE urban transport solution for the new millenium.

The MUTE Story

  • Our mission is to replace 130 million ICE mopeds worldwide by offering low cost, green EV transport for urban environments on a subscription basis.
  • People and companies will not own expensive assets in the future. They will subscribe or access on-demand.
  • MUTE removes barriers to widespread EV adoption.
  • MUTE is a Subscription Program for Advanced Electric Vehicles (EV’s) that eliminates the noise of ownership and helps our planet.

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The MUTE Model

  • Large choice of bikes to suit your requirements
  • Immediate Pick-up
  • No contracts
  • No deposit
  • Flexible payment methods
  • Handback whenever you like
  • Local discounts for MUTE Members with our green partners in all our locations
  • Best of all, if you are a MUTE Member in any of our locations and travel to another MUTE location we provide you with access to a MUTE scooter for free while you are there. One payment for GLOBAL Membership.


MUTE makes transport as easy as A B C

MUTE provides instant access to highly efficient, low cost E-Bikes for individual commuters, businesses and fleet owners in three easy steps:

Choose your plan

Choose your model

Pay 1 month and ride

It's that easy. MUTE will have an E-Bike ready for your exclusive use.

The Mute Vision

A green, zero carbon choice for the new millennium

Sign up and ride away in any of our international locations.

MUTE is bringing its message of clean, easy, affordable transport to everybody.

MUTE is designed to offer immediate access to green electric vehicles without the hassles associated with ownership.

Our subscription programs allow our users the flexibility they require for daily transport in busy urban centers globally while helping reduce CO2 emissions with ever green KM travelled.

MUTE is part of plan A in saving our precious environment - there is no plan B.

MUTE is building a community of like-minded partners in the war against global warming and provides a network that can save our members money with their subscription and let them know that their transport choice MUTE is making a difference in the cooling of the planet.

MUTE is developing a powerful, popular lifestyle brand that reflects the Post-Carbon future our world needs.

MUTE Locations



CEO, Founder

25 years’ International business experience, with the last 17 years specifically in the global scooter manufacturing and distribution arena.

Spent 12 years in  China working with electric scooter manufacturers and battery suppliers –  considered an industry insider and expert having been involved with  the electric scooter industry since its inception.



30 years’ International business experience in Asia including SMEs, startups and several Fortune 500 companies across IT, Corp. Finance, Governance, Data Science and Operations functions.

Co-founded and exited a start up of smart air purification and energy savings solutions  in China.

Holds an MBA from USC  and BSc from UNSW.

Merfyn JONES


Experienced company director who has worked in the audio-visual services industry for over 30 years. In 2007, Merv co-founded the specialist audio-visual outsourcing firm AVPartners. Prior to this, he was a founding partner of Staging Connections, opening the Perth office in 1986.

Merv has a track record of business development in Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore & Dubai.



Marc has more than 25 years automotive development, merger and acquisition experience in Asia with both national and multi-jurisdictional MNC’s, representing volume, luxury and ultra-luxury brands, and an excellent record in sales and innovation, strategic business development and step-change growth.

Peter Smith

Director of Operations Shanghai

Andy Wang

Project Development Manager/Shanghai

Nick Saba

Director of Operations Bali


General Manager Bali


Brand Development Manager SE Asia


The MUTE Transport Evolution

An E-Bike for every street

MUTE is working with several of the world’s most innovative and reputable E-Bike manufacturers. MUTE will provide a wide range of business and commuter electric bikes to suit every need.

NIU, SUPER SOCO, CARLETTO, VELOCIFERO, HONDA and YAMAHA are just a few of a growing number of partnering E-bike manufacturers.

Coming to MUTE soon: REVENUE RIDE - Earn money using your MUTE E-Bike.

Corporate Contact

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Phone: +62 361 9345744
Jalan Petitenget No. 115, Kerobokan Bali 80361, Indonesia
Monday - Friday, 9am to 6pm | Saturday - Sunday 10am to 5pm
Phone: +86 185 0174 0500
425 Yanping Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai, China
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