Why should you be riding an electric moped in the United Kingdom?

Electric Moped Vs Cars & Public Transport.

Electric mopeds are a great alternative to cars and bikes in the United Kingdom. They are environmentally friendly, affordable, and easy to ride. Mopeds are perfect for city commuters who want to save money on transportation costs. Electric mopeds can be ridden with an electric battery / e-motor combination instead of a gasoline fuelled combustion engine.  They are versatile for any terrain or riding situation. They also have a large under-seat storage capacity, which is perfect for carrying groceries or other items.

  • Cost: electric mopeds are much cheaper to operate than cars or motorcycles
  • Convenience: electric mopeds can be ridden in bike and bus lanes, making them more convenient than cars
  • Parking: electric mopeds can be parked almost anywhere, taking up much less space than cars; there are dedicated moped and motorcycle parking spots all over town for a low fee
  • Weather: electric mopeds can be ridden in all weather conditions; especially with MUTE’s custom-made moped raincoats!
  • Fun: electric mopeds are fun to ride!

A word on sustainability. Electric mopeds are much more efficient than cars or motorcycles and have a much lower carbon footprint. Additionally, they do not have polluting tailpipe emissions nor produce much noise pollution (Loud Bike Suck!).

Since the early 2000s, electric mopeds have been popular with people who want to be environmentally friendly. Electric mopeds are becoming increasingly popular in many European countries, and have already become standard for personal transport in many Asian countries.

A cost comparison of using a private car transport vs an electric moped in the UK.

An electric moped does the ‘financial equivalent’ of 1500 miles to the gallon compared to the average 40 miles to the gallon for petrol cars.

Quite a big difference.

This is based on the financial comparison of a car versus an electric moped.
A car does around 40 miles to the gallon which costs 5.70GBP/gallon.
An electric moped does approximately 50 miles to a 12 pence charge.

To calculate for an equivalent, you can divide 570 by 12 x 50 which is actually over 2000 miles per gallon ​equivalent due to oil price hikes. A truer real-life calculation would be closer to 2300.

In today’s financial climate, the cost of gas prices is skyrocketing, which means a transition to electric vehicles is a clear winner!

How much does public transport cost per month in London?

For someone in London traveling on the tube to one location and back a day it will cost around 180 GBP/month.

How much will travel by private vehicle within London cost?

For those with cars, the price is astronomical!

  • Congestion Charge 11 GBP/day
  • Public Parking of approximately 50GBP/day (around 35GBP/day in Manchester)
  • Road Tax approx 10 GBP/ month
  • MOT & service approx.  50-140GBP/year (depending on the vehicle)
  • Let’s not forget insurance, which varies greatly but is considerable and starts at around 450GBP/year

Costs will increase as the pandemic ends, as gas prices soar and people return to workplaces.

How much will travel by private vehicle within Manchester cost?

For the average ‘Manchunian’ that drives by private vehicle for daily commuting, we have the following eye-watering information.

The research found that in Manchester the petrol and parking expenses for driving to work is costing commuters an average of £1,816.79 – exceeding the UK average by £182.37 per yearFigures obtained by Ribble Cycles from Just Park, Europe’s leading provider of pre-bookable parking, revealed that in Manchester the average cost of parking in the city is £1,322.40 each year, which is £283.98 higher than the estimated UK average. This is in addition to the average £494.39 per year a commuter can expect to spend on petrol in Manchester “

How much is the average parking fine in the UK?

120 GBP – ouch!

How much is the average insurance on a car in the UK?

This varies considerably depending on age, engine, brand, and area. For the purpose of comparison, we have a fairly standard Fiat bravo 1.4, 2009 model. This costs a 21-year-old 1000GBP/year while a more mature driver may pay around 200-400/GBP, depending on driving history and age. 

How much is the average insurance on an electric moped in the UK?

Insuring an electric moped in the UK will cost around 600 GBP/year.
That’s right! Insurance is higher for an electric bike! On average about 600 pounds a year.

MUTE Garage UK covers this insurance cost so in fact, the cost to our Members is NIL while savings are HUGE!

How much does it cost to charge an electric moped per week in the UK?

One full charge costs about 12 pence and offers a range of approximately 50 miles. Based on standard commuting, you would likely charge your battery two or three times a week.

So that’s between 24to 36 pence a week or free if you charge it while you are at work!

Choose MUTE in the UK!

It’s a good idea to have a MUTE for so many reasons.

As well as the standard benefits of choosing an electric moped, MUTE offers additional benefits for members.

  • Financial – save money on almost everything related to owning a car or using public transport. PLUS there is no big outlay to make the change to electric transport.
  • Eco friendly – we plant a tree with (more:trees) for every new electric moped we put out on the road. Read more about this initiative here.
  • Monthly arrangement – MUTE offers a membership-based subscription with no strings attached, just excellent personal service and monthly payments.
  • MUTE Members receive discounts and incentives as like-minded venues and companies in the local area.

Even if you own a car and use the electric moped for those small journeys you normally make in a vehicle, you will save enormous amounts on fuel and parking by having an electric moped as your ‘run-around’ vehicle.

Plus, did we mention HOW MUCH FUN THEY ARE??!!

If trying an electric moped in the UK appeals to you, drop us an email: london@e-mute.com and we will arrange a test ride in London or Manchester for you!

Let’s all be a part of the global electric {r}evolution.
Let’s all be a part of The Solution.

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