A feature-full

Monthly Subscription

A feature-full
Monthly Subscription

3rd Party Insurance

Insurance includes 3rd party
damage, theft & fire.

Helmet, Lock & Raincoat

All the essentials are included,
even a phone holder!

Free Repairs &
Road-Side Assistance

On-demand repairs &
Road-Side assistance.

Long-Range Battery

48-56 KM (30-35 Miles) range in a single charge with a top speed of 45 KPH (28 MPH).

Pick Up or Free Delivery

Your electric moped will be delivered
to your door asap, or pick it up in our shop!

No Deposits - No Contracts

Walk in, ride out &
hand it back anytime!

How it works?

Sign-up in 1 Minute 😉

Pick Up or Delivered
to your door!

Ride hassle-free with
everything included.

Start Now!

Any more questions?

Please feel free to message our support team.

Email us at

Or message/call us on WhatsApp
+447397 864976

Our e-MUTE’s are fully licensed and state-of-the-art electric 2-wheeled mopeds with a top speed of 45 kph / 28 mph and a typical range of 65 km / 40 miles per charge. We believe using electric mopeds is 10 to 15 times cheaper than an average car and saves you tons of travel time every day, not to mention the parking convenience. It’s also cheaper and more practical compared to public transport and any shared mobility offering. Did we mention you can store your helmet and your own gear under the seat? Give it a try, it will change your life!

We live by the principle “walk in, ride out”. Our monthly moped subscription service is simple: contact us, provide a few documents, pay your first month, and agree on a pick-up or delivery time. We will take away the full hassle of owning a vehicle by taking care of everything for you regarding insurance, roadside assistance, maintenance, theft, accident, etc. You can cancel your subscription at any time and return your moped at the end of your running month. We do not believe in deposits and long-term contracts.

Without any extra cost, on top of the awesome moped, we provide a helmet, a lock, a phone holder, a moped raincoat, and a charger. It goes without saying insurance, roadside assistance, accident support, maintenance, etc. is included and our customer service is there for you through email / WeChat / phone at any time.

Yes, and no! It all depends on your location. For Europe you will need an AM license, which commonly is provided when getting your car B license. In the UK, you will also need an AM, or you can first start with a CBT. Note that in the UK, MUTE will organize and pay for your CBT if you commit to an initial 3-month subscription (super deal!!). Please contact us for any questions regarding driving licenses and we will support you to get you ready for your e-MUTE.

Yes! For your own safety, but as well for the local regulations. Please be safe!

It’s different based on every location. In general, members must follow local traffic rules for mopeds. There are several advantages riding electric mopeds depending on your location, like: allowed to ride in bus lanes, allowed to park for free all over town, etc. As this depends on your location, get in touch with our customer service and we’ll brief you about these local secrets!

It’s simple: directly connect the charger to your moped, or conveniently take out the battery from the moped and charge it in your office, at home, in the restaurant, etc. Which plug for the charger? Any wall plug you can use to charge your smartphone! That’s how easy it is!

We are sad to see you go, but know you’ll be back! Simply send us an email, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. at any time and return your moped at the end of the running month. No further payments will be taken after the end of the running month. We are working hard on our APP and once ready, you can manage your subscription all by yourself conveniently in the APP.

Your moped has 24/7 roadside assist for when it breaks down. You simply get in touch with them and they will help you out in no time. For more serious trouble, get in touch with our customer service through email, WhatsApp, phone, etc. We will help you out as soon as possible and get you a replacement moped if your moped is not repairable within a day.

It's that easy. MUTE will have an e-MUTE ready for your exclusive use.

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